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Custom Glass Doors


Enhance Your Fireplace: Custom Glass Doors in Halifax

Heritage Hearth Products Ltd can help you enhance the look and efficiency of your existing fireplace by providing you with unique custom glass doors in Halifax by FDM Manufacturing Ltd. In business for over 40 years, FDM Manufacturing Ltd has been one of the leading manufacturers of fireplace doors. Pick the design that complements your living space.


Handcrafted Fireplace Doors
Doors from FDM Manufacturing Ltd are computer designed and handcrafted to a variety of beautiful finishes. Choose from door finishes that range from antique brass, satin nickel, ranch bronze, and more with embossed Victorian or Aztec designs. We’ll create a beautiful masterpiece that’ll be the perfect addition to your fireplace. We have different doors types, backup screens, handle options, and more for you to choose from.

Your Safety Is Our Priority
The right doors will ensure that no sparks or embers from the fire lead to any unfortunate incidents. Tight-fitting doors, sliding mesh, and wire backup doors will ensure that the fire remains where it belongs. These doors also eliminate any unnecessary heat loss.

Inspect the manufacturing process at your comfort. For more information, please read the FDM brochure.

Contact us to know more about the best accessories for your fireplace.


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