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Grilling Made Easy in Halifax: Barbecues From Weber and Kamado Joe

Barbecues in Halifax are the perfect way to spend your afternoons with family and friends. Whether you want to cook the juiciest burger for your kids or the perfect steak for the guys, a reliable, sturdy, and functional barbecue is essential. At Heritage Hearth Products Ltd, we provide barbecue models that combine advanced cooking functions with style. Each model is made from the highest quality materials, so your barbecue will last the test of time. No more disposable barbecues!


The Right Size
We understand that each one of you requires a different type of barbecue. The size of the barbecue definitely matters. To ensure that you get the right one, we carry different models that would be the perfect addition to your weekend parties. From portable, smaller grills for the lakeside picnic to large, versatile grills for backyard parties, pick the one that fits your requirements. Disposable grills are not environment friendly and can be a hassle to use due to their low height. Switch to sturdy, reliable barbecues and grills from Heritage Hearth Products Ltd manufactured by:

Kamado Joe

Contact us to find the best barbecue for you.


Handcrafted Fireplace Doors

Enhance the décor of your room with brass-finish fireplace doors

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